Our studio designs residential buildings and civic buildings, private country houses, develops interiors, projects of improvement of the territory and landscape designs.


Architectural design

Our studio performs the widest range of design works for facilities of various complexity and stylistic direction.
We perform design works for erection of buildings, interior design, redesign and renovation of buildings and structures, landscape design and designer works.
Design brief consists of several sections required further for building construction:

  • Master plan
  • Architectural section
  • Constructional part including monolithic reinforced concrete constructions
  • Sewage and water supply projects
  • Heating and ventilation projects
  • Power supply projects
  • Communication system projects

It is should be mentioned that project of the house is not limited by this list and can be extended with another engineering systems which will make Customer’s life more comfortable (video surveillance, Smart Home system).

Interior design

Interior house (flat) design brief

  1. Schematic Design
  • Planning variants;
  • Furnishing plan (schematically without drawing furniture details);
  • Floor Plan with an indication of floor coating;
  • Ceiling plan (not specifying dimensions and cross sections);
  • Plumbing layout plan without output binding;
  • Perspective views and visualizations of premises made in the program;
  • Consultations on selection of furniture, bathroom and lavatory equipment, floor, wall and ceiling coverings
  1. Complete interior design
  • Variants of planning concepts;
  • Dimension drawings with reference to utilities;
  • The plan of dismantling the partitions and utilities;
  • The plan of partitions to be built with window and door openings marking;
  • Dimensioned premises plan after redevelopment;
  •  Sanitary equipment layout referenced with reference to the outputs and attachment of mounting drawings from the manufacturer;
  • The ceiling plan indicating the type of applied material, separate assemblies and sections (number of drawings depends on the level of ceiling complexity);
  • Lighting equipment layout with reference to lighting outputs, the plan of switches indicating inclusion of groups of lighting fixtures;
  • Lighting equipment specifications with indication of types and capacity;
  • Layout plan of electrical sockets and electrical leads with reference to geometric dimensions;
  • Wiring accessories specification indicating the type of product and other requirements;
  • Floor plan with indication of floor level, floor covering type, pattern and sizes;
  • Cross section view of the floor structure with indication of coating layers;
  • Floor coating legend with indication of floor space and the stock number of the chosen material;
  • Cross section view and allocation of walls with decorative elements;
  • Elevation of the walls with tile layout with dimensions, stock number and floor space of the chosen material;
  • Drawings of the custom-made products (developed if necessary);
  • Layout plan of the chosen furniture;
  • Piece components legend with indication of stock number, quantity and location;
  • Door specification with indication of the doorways;
  • Finishing list;
  1. Utilities project
  • Heating and ventilation project
  • Sewage and water supply project
  • Power supply project
  • Project of weak-current systems
  1. Premise Visualization
  2. Decoration
  • Selection of paintings, drawings, wall graphic art;
  • Selection of sculptures, etc.
  • Textiles selection;
  • Selection of window-blinds and curtains;
  • Selection of bed linen;
  • Selection of accessories for different premises;
  • Selection of lighting equipment

Designer Supervision

  • Regular designer visits to site;
  • Introduction of corrections initiated in the course of construction works to shop drawings;
  • Consultations and supervision over compliance with execution of the project;


Facility furnishing

  • selection of accessories and various premises;

Organization of supplies of equipment, finishing materials, interior items, execution of works required for project implementation.
We conduct required marketing researches based on approved design solutions and budget; additional illustrative material is developed if required. We control and coordinate work execution and supplies under concluded contracts.

Construction services

We are ready to provide construction services for green field construction of the facility or for reconstruction of existing buildings and structures. The professional builder staff, good knowledge of technology and material market enables us to achieve excellent results in implementation of projects with any complexity. The list of proposed works:\

  • Pioneering: demolition of old buildings, cleaning of the territory and removal of wastes, geodesic marking;
  • Construction of temporary roads, support structures and utilities;
  • Earthworks;
  • Foundation works;
  • Construction services for construction of monolith, framed, timber, brick or combined buildings and structures;
  • Installation of utilities including indoor and outdoor networks, communications and equipment (water pipeline, power supply, sewage, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply, video surveillance and signaling systems);
  • Interior finishing;
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